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Brunei in Brief

First and foremost, on behalf of His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei, peoples of Brunei and our organization Atika Arif Tours it is with great pleasure warmly welcoming you to our blessing country Brunei Darussalam which means “Brunei the abode of Peace”

Brunei is located in the Northwest corner of Borneo with a total land area of 5,765 square kilometres covered by 78% pristine tropical rainforest. With six major distinct forest types, including some of South East Asia’s best preserved old-growth mangrove, lowland dipterocarp rainforest and peat swamp forest, Brunei forests represent highly complex and biologically diverse ecosystems worth preserving for their potential towards bio-technology, scientific research, nature studies, ecotourism and for the conservation of a national heritage to share with the world and preserve for future generations.    

It’s bordered by the two Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak to the east, west and Kalimantan (Indonesia) to the south. Rainfall and humidity are high, with temperatures averaging 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Brunei is divided into four districts; Brunei – Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong.

Brunei is a Malay Muslim Monarchy; the country is ruled according to Islamic values and traditions by the present monarch, His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah. His Majesty the Sultan is the 29th ascendant of one of the world’s oldest continuously reigning royal line, with over 500 years of recorded history.

Brunei population is over four hundred thousand and roughly two-thirds of the population is Malay; the rest are Chinese or members of indigenous tribes. Malay is our country official language and English is widely spoken and understood.

Brunei is a safe country to visit its warm welcoming and friendly peoples make visitors feel at home.

Atika Arif Tours have long been establishing with previously name Atika Arif Tourism. The changes are the company is now having two divisions. The 1st division is outbound air line ticketing and with the 2nd division is inbound tours.

Inbound division is now managed by Muhammad Daud Bin Abdullah who have been in tourism industry since 1986’, he is dedicated developing more sustainable Niche Eco Tourism site by partnering with local villages community and creating tour products not for the company but also for the country.
Atika Arif Tour inbound division is specializes in bird watching, Bird photographing, wildlife nature tours, School environment field camp, Farm stay Experience and other nature traditional and culture related activities.
Partnering with Mazaini Bin Mahari local villager is the owner of seven hectare land area of local fruit farm who is committed to develop farm stay eco tourism site hand in hand with Atika Arif Tours. The whole Meriuk (KPLB) fruit farm also own by 58 other locals’ villagers making the total fruit farm land area to 62 hectares. Meriuk fruit farm (KPLB) is the oldest fruit farm in Brunei Darussalam since 1983.
It started March 2015 begin the preliminary research on birds, mammals, and other wildlife on full time basis but step by step due to short of expertise. It’s has been not an easy task when funding are not available conduct the preliminary research.
Although faced many obstacle Mazaini and Muhd. Daud did not quit but go ahead with the preliminary research. Several months after with minimum species finding Muhammad Daud decided to start promoting nature tour that is the bird photographing Package, Nature Experience Package, to and Night Bird Photographing enable to get fund for the preliminary research.
At first visitors only sleep in dome tent at Meriuk Farm Stay and because of that visitor doesn’t stay very long it is because short of facilities no proper dining area, toilet, shower, and electricity, bedding and more. Thanks! To the continuing support of the overseas visitors it’s started to get little fund from the visitors joining the bird photography and wildlife nature experience. Picture below are the first building was able to build by the local community with minimum fund. The accommodation were build with attach clean toilet with shower and powered by generator for the electricity.

The communities designed make the bunk bed and painted it in black. Atika Arif Tours purchase the mattress, Bed Sheet, Blanket, Pillow, Pillow chase and a small generator.

Preliminary research
Preliminary research at Meriuk Farm Stay (KPLB) as from 2015’ to 2017’ as stated below;

250+ of bird species

15Endemic species, 5 rare species and 3 rarest species
IUCN Red lists
8 - Vulnerable,
1 - Endangered,
41 - Near Threatened,
1 - Critically Endangered,
CITIES protection
Appendix I (2 species)
Appendix II (28 species)

54+ of mammal species
15 Endemic species and 7 rare species
IUCN Red lists
12 - Vulnerable,
4 - Endangered,
5 - Near Threatened,
1 - Critically Endangered,
Cities protection
Appendix I (8 species)
Appendix II (14 species)
Appendix III (4 species)

New bird, mammals are continued to be found either by our team or by visitors. However we have not updated our preliminary research of other fauna species like Odonata, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Butterflies, as we do not have the expertise nor to the flora species.

The bird’s species that documented at Meriuk Farm Stay (KPLB) site is very rich, divers and it is great place for bird watcher, photographer, and wildlife and nature enthusiast. In between year 2016 and 2017 many of the birders and photographers have returned, some for their second time but some came for their eleven times.

Some already make their reservation to come back for this year 2018. Most of our visitors are photographers.

Although we do not have much greater mammal’s enthusiast that come to Meriuk Farm Stay, there have been few repeaters that came back to photograph the rare endemic North Bornean Gibbon, Hose’s Grey Langur, Bornean porcupine, Bornean Pigmy Squirrel, Bornean Yellow Muntjac, and Bornean clouded leopards.

All our guides are currently trained English speaking guide from local villagers. They received practical training by Jungle Dave. Turning their skill, knowledge becomes professional nature guide.
Guide would get update information of all the bird, mammals, insects’ species time to time. These ways all visitors could get ample information the bird’s mammals of their wish lists and the best time before making any reservation.

Current Tour Service
Atika Arif Tours inbound division provide many types of eco tourism services stated below;

We conduct from General to professional birding trip, and bird photographing. The length of birding trip is up to individual interest depanding on the bird species and season. Most of our birding trip are lowland forest birds, rice field birds, and please take note that we do not conduct any mountain birding.

Facilitating Nature Educational Programmed
We also act as nature educational programmed to primary school, high school and other academic. It is not just awareness but to enrich Students in flora fauna knowledge and responsible

Facilitating Nature Practical Guide Training Programmed
Practical Nature guide training programmed like bird watching guide, wildlife guide, nature guide, to become knowledgeable responsive on the natural habitat, ecology, environment and biodiversity.

Facilitating Internship Programmed
We also facilitating internship students for their academic in tourism, Biologist, zoologist, anthropologist, fruit farming, traditional herbs medicine and many more.

Facilitating researcher
Meriuk Farm Stay is new in Brunei which the area is also new for researcher to conduct their biologists, zoologist, and other flora fauna research.


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